Manufacture, supply & installation of steel gates & railings including: Flat Top, Bow Top (Hoop Top), Blunt Top and Security Top fencing & gates; for play areas ,parks, housing, commercial and industrial properties.

Bespoke decorative steel fencing & gates manufactured to customer’s individual requirements.


PlaySpec bowtop railings

Bowtop railings are the most popular way to create a safe and resilient boundary to childrens play areas.

Our PlaySpec bowtop railings have been designed to meet the anti-entrapment requirements of the BS EN 1176 play equipment safety

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Vertical bar blunt top railings

Vertical bar blunt top railings provide a clean and robust boundary suitable for a range of properties, including; schools, public buildings, commercial and residential.

Classic straight lines and simple design present a modern unclutterred effect to create a clean frontage, boundary or division appropriate to many locations.
Railings can be supplied galvanised or colour can be added with a powder coated finish applied on top of the galvanising .

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Bespoke railings, Architectural metalwork
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